Enfant Terrible

enfanT Terrible…

We are a group of people who are passionate about food, drinks, music and hospitality but don’t get along with the conventional way of running a restaurant. We hate doing the same thing over and over again, routine bores the f**k out of us and we don’t believe in cramming as much people as physically possible into a room in order to make as much money as possible.

So we decided…not to open a restaurant. Instead we do all kinds of things: we do pop-up concepts and special events, we have HQ – our private dining concept (more on that later)-, we consult other restaurants, we make books, give workshops and create culinary concepts.

Always looking for the next best thing, as long as it’s food related and triggers us, we’re in!

We hope to see you soon!

TT, M, Bart busje and backstage Tim


Hi,…and welcome to our HeadQuarters!

At HQ we consider you a guest, as you would be at a friend’s house.

Our menu* is a surprise for the both of us. We don’t provide you with a written menu in advance nor at the table, what you see is what you get. The reason we do this is because we don’t use a menu ourselves, every time we have guests at the restaurant we go out and look for the finest ingredients we can find and build them into a 6 course dinner whilst we’re cooking. This insures the best quality in produce and forces us to keep thinking about food and be creative every time we’re in the kitchen. At the same time it avoids us from falling into routines which would dull and bore us.

If you give us this freedom we can give you a beautiful experience and a menu created just for you. M will contact you in advance to ask if you or anyone in your company has any dietary restrictions and of course we will edit the dishes where necessary.

We serve groups from 6 up to 13 people and are only available on reservation. Please check our availability in the schedule below.

*the menu costs 90 euros excluding drinks


Pop up Nashville

Together with cocktailbar Dogma, Thomas came up with this Southern inspired take away concept. Think comfort food like burger, spicy fried chicken, butter corn and glazed ribs.

February till May 2021

Pop up Oklahoma

During the summer of 2021 Thomas worked together with Felix Pakhuis and brought his Oklahoma smoker and BBQ to their terrace to serve pulled pork, spicy chicken and burgers.

Pop up Oaxaca

Good friend Bart, former owner of Caracas, inspired Thomas for this new pop up. Mexican streetfood brought in his very own restaurant, take away style. Taco de corazon, ceviche pulpo, totopos served with a shot of tequilla or a margarita.